Netball Network – Developing female competitiveness one event at a time.

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The team that made this all happen

I was invited to a Netball Network event that took place yesterday (17/06/2017) in Benoni at Wordsworth Highschool, and what an amazing event it was.
When I arrived there, the teams were getting ready to play against each other (Smega Stars vs. Wordsworthens), I got a few minutes to talk to one of the organisers of the event, Olebogeng Pule, and although the turnout was not what he had hoped for, he did say every other part of this event was an absolute success and the beautiful weather made up for everything else that did not go the group’s way.

What added a bit more sparkle to this event was the fact that, it was centred around women empowerment, giving female players a little more field time and giving recognition to sportswomen and the sports they’re involved in. It felt so refreshing to be at an event that had absolutely nothing to do with what interests me, because it had nothing to do with me but those involved in the game and me showing them support, because that goes a long way. This I think also adds to the reasons why you should support events in your community, show that love and encourage those hosting and taking part in the event.

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Next review coming up …

Xoxo, Lucy!


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