Alex Sono x Leave Her Alone

Daily Prompt: Paper
“ So you also need to realise that your creative ability doesn’t  stop because you wrote it down, so just because you wrote it down it should actually elevate your creative ability “

IMG-20170620-WA0086Well it is about damn time, we have been waiting on this single release by the 19 year old South African artist. This track was absolutely worth the wait, Alex Sono did not disappoint at all.
One thing I love about this track is the way he played with the beat, and this is what Alex Sono is about, producing tracks that do not conform to the norm and what is trending.
Telling the fuckboys to leave his girl alone, Alex marks his territory in his song and speaks for those guys who are sick and tired of other guys trying to mess around with their women.

“Fake n****s looking for the real girls
Real n****s never get a chance,
Fake girls looking for the pearls,
that’s why real n****s never glance“

This track is just a snippet of, Sad Boy Lex, whom he refers to as the seven year old version of himself due to his rawness and blunt nature, a version of himself he chooses to hide in real life but in his music, Sad Boy Lex is his outlet because he allows Alex Sono to be angry and vent.

 “The term fuckboy, that I use in the song, is a metaphor for just negativity in my life, it could be the personal things going on, everything going on, it could be death, it could be losing a friend, it could be people trying to interject what it is that I am trying to build, whether it be a relationship, my career, and my girl is not only the girl that I love, but also these things that I am trying to nurture, so it’s love, it’s the essence of being myself, it’s success and so it’s me saying I’ll capture these things and keep them safe, so fuckboy got to leave her alone, I would do anything for happiness.” – Alex Sono

This is not one those sad songs, this is one of those real songs, it is absolutely amazing.

Download his track by clicking here
Stream it by clicking here
Check out his Vodacom NXT LVL video by clicking here
Find him on twitter @alex_sono and instagram; @alexsono98

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Xoxo Lucy

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