Hey now

Daily prompt: Sparkle Like the new look ? Just thought I should try something different. I should be napping but this blog post is on my mind … yes, I nap – everyday, I can’t function without napping hey, but enough about napping … let’s talk business. DUDE, IT’S DECEMBER … this year has not given … Continue reading Hey now

Reading between my lines.

Daily Prompt: Dancing It’s 1am and I should be studying, but I think my writer’s block has, FINALLY LEFT THE BUILDING! For the past few months, I have been a stern believer in destiny and everything happening for a reason and it’s simply because I started seeing the connection between everything that was happening in … Continue reading Reading between my lines.


Daily Prompt: Mystery I have been quiet, I know, forgive me – life happened. The problem now is sharing my experiences, so much has happened, so much is happening, a lot of epiphanies are coming to light – life is happening, but there are so many thoughts running through my mind that it is so hard … Continue reading Decoding

The trigger

Daily Prompt: Passenger Happiness is short lived, it has it’s time span, and in that time span everything just, works out and life is amazing. Then it vanishes, you finally feel the breeze that everyone was complaining about and because you are in absolute awe you stand there, dazed not knowing what to do, where … Continue reading The trigger